I am finally admitting to myself that a weekly publication schedule doesn’t work for me.

It started off well enough, but I found that most stories weren’t getting the editing time they needed. I was rushing them to meet a self-imposed deadline. Since I’m both author and editor, this didn’t give the stories enough downtime for me to take a fresh look at them.

My new goal is to write every day, but publish only when I have a full, workable story. No more single-scene ones like I have which leave readers hanging with no foreseeable continuation. While I will still maintain the goal of publishing regularly, it won’t be on a weekly schedule anymore.

Besides to changing my publishing schedule, I am going to amend my Patreon settings as well. Since I’m no longer publishing regularly, I feel that it’s unfair to ask patrons to pay regularly too. Instead, I am changing my settings to “pay per creation” instead of “pay per month”.

If you have any comments on the change, or on anything else I’ve posted, please feel free to contact me. I welcome all feedback.


Ads. We all hate them. They’re annoying, they get in the way, they piss us off.

They pay the bills.

So, here’s the deal. If you don’t like ads, maybe you’ll prefer patronage.  In addition to helping me pay for my hosting, it gets you access to special secret content, and previews of my work.

When my patronage is enough to cover my hosting, the ads disappear.

So, if you like the site but hate ads, or if you just want to support my development as a writer, just click on the orange buttons.  If you can’t, then do the next best thing – share my site around.  More viewers lead to more potential patrons, which means we’re faster to get rid of the ads.

And, as always, feel free to contact me on the link bar.

Server configuration changes

Be aware that I am migrating some of my services to a new configuration.  This may cause issues in connectivity to my site.  This shouldn’t take too long, and most users shouldn’t even see any issues.

That being said, thank you for your patience.

Looking for a few good patrons

I’ve been trying to think of a way of saying this without sounding like a bit of a beggar, but I’ve given up.

Hosting a website isn’t free.  Improving my writing isn’t free.  Unfortunately, these are facts of life.  And, since writing is a part-time thing for me, I need to be able to justify spending the money on sharing it.

Enter Patreon.  They enable crowdfunding of artists (as I like to jokingly call myself), in order to allow us to continue creating content.  This allows for me to pay for things like web hosting, editorial services, and other things related to writing.

Oh, it will also allow me to get rid of ads.

Anyone who is still reading here, thank you.  Please share this with anyone that you believe would like my stories.  Or with people who you don’t think would like them – you never really know.  Also, if you can share with a few deep-pocketed friends, that would be amazing.

Thank you.