Looking for a few good patrons

I’ve been trying to think of a way of saying this without sounding like a bit of a beggar, but I’ve given up.

Hosting a website isn’t free.  Improving my writing isn’t free.  Unfortunately, these are facts of life.  And, since writing is a part-time thing for me, I need to be able to justify spending the money on sharing it.

Enter Patreon.  They enable crowdfunding of artists (as I like to jokingly call myself), in order to allow us to continue creating content.  This allows for me to pay for things like web hosting, editorial services, and other things related to writing.

Oh, it will also allow me to get rid of ads.

Anyone who is still reading here, thank you.  Please share this with anyone that you believe would like my stories.  Or with people who you don’t think would like them – you never really know.  Also, if you can share with a few deep-pocketed friends, that would be amazing.

Thank you.

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